Frequently Asked Questions

The Sport FAQs

What is a Dual versus Individual Tournament?

How are team points earned?

For team scoring, a win by a decision (victory by 1 to 7 points more than the opponent) is worth 3 points; a major decision (victory by 8 to 14 points), 4; a technical fall (victory by at least 15 points), 5; and a fall, 6. The loser receives no points. Winning by injury default, forfeit, or disqualification counts the same as a fall.

How many matches can a wrestler wrestle?

An athlete may not wrestle more than five matches per day in a tournament.  A new rule in 2023 allows for a sixth match should one be required to determine a weight class champion in an individual tournament.  At no time can a wrestler wrestle more than ten matches in two consecutive days though.

What are the weight classes?

Note that weight classes are given as the max weight per class.  i.e. 106 refers to Under 106 pounds, Under 113 (or 106.1 to 113.0), etc.  

What is a Weigh-in?

A weigh-in is held before a competition to ensure that each athlete's body weight is within the limits of his or her weight class. This usually occurs at least an hour before the event's scheduled start time to allow tournament administrators time to organize the wrestlers into their weight classes and set up brackets. In some cases, weigh-ins are highly structured with all the wrestlers from a specific weight class standing in line to be weighed. An athlete is given just one chance on the scale. If athletes are over the allowed weight, they are not allowed to compete. It is the responsibility of the athlete and the coach to be sure that the stated weight is correct before presenting for weigh-in.

Are there substitutions?

Substitutions are not allowed during a match; however, for a dual meet, it is possible for two athletes to weigh in at the same weight so that you can choose which athlete to use when it is that weight group's turn to compete. 

Are there timeouts?

Wrestling does not have a time-out in the way we understand them in basketball or football. There are no stops to be used strategically, to compose the team, or simply to catch a rest. It is possible for an athlete to ask for a time-out for injury. Injury time-outs (including bleeding) have time limits, and once the time is reached, the athlete must compete or withdraw. 

Parents' FAQs

What is Trackwrestling?

What is SportsYou and how do I sign up?

SportsU is a messaging app for parents and coaches to quickly communicate needed information. 

How do I get tickets for the matches?

Tickets for matches, held in New Hanover County, are purchased through the Hometown App. 

Tickets for matches, held in Brunswick County, are purchased online through the GoFan app. 

Tournaments held in other areas typically use one of these Apps or take cash at the door. Once out Coach is provided the information we will pass it along event by event. 

Does any equipment need to be purchased by the wrestler? 

Wrestling requires minimal gear. Wrestling shoes, headgear, a mouth guard (only if you wear braces), and a proper uniform are all that is needed. Hoggard Wrestling provides the uniform and has headgear also. Often wrestlers prefer their own headgear and it’s completely acceptable to provide your own. 

Note: knee pads are highly recommended. Wrestlers would provide their own. 

Is there a specific style of mouth guard recommended?

We recommend the Mouth Guard Pro - Kid's Comfort PRO Sports Mouthguard - Denta-Gard. It protects top and bottom and makes it easier to breath then most standard mouth guards.

What do we do if we notice an unknown skin mark (lesion(s)) on our wrestler? 

You must see your doctor or Urgent Care/Medac as-soon-as possible. There are mandatory waiting periods, once medication has started, before a wrestler can complete. The waiting periods are 48-72 hours depending on diagnosis. The Medical Release For Wrestler to Participate With Skin Lesion(s) form must be completed. This is the only form that will be recognized by Medical/Trainer Staffs. Even if there is no diagnosed issue the form must be completed. Return the completed form to the coaching staff as they need to be brought to the competitions.